Identities — Identities remain one of my all time favorite projects to work on. I've created dozens over the years and each one has been exciting and rewarding. From simple branding for small businesses to comprehensive campaigns for corporations and institutions of higher education.  I usually price identities on a flat rate depending on the usage, market, and whether the client is for profit or non-profit. The package includes logo, stationery, usage guides, and electronic files for print and web usage. Non-profits and start-ups get a discounted price.   Other deliverables include graphic files suitable for video usage, animation, PowerPoint presentations, Word templates, signage, banners, and more. I can help with finding vendors for just about any application you can imagine.
Publishing — Throughout my career, I've helped launch new magazines, redesigned existing magazines, annual reports and developed design styles for journals and books. No job is too large or too small. I know many printers here in Nashville (one of the country's largest publishing towns) and I can work with you to find a printer best suited to your specific needs.  If you are publishing for the web, I keep informed of trends in publishing online and can help you develop your site for distribution with a blog or through a web feed such as an RSS.  Publication design is so varied that an “average” price doesn't exist. I usually bid these jobs based on many factors—how organized the content is when I get it, if it needs art, photography and illustrations to go along with it, if all copyrights are secured, etc. I can help you work through all of these issues as well as execute the design. Remember, first time consults are free so don't hesitate to call!
Collateral — Collateral, in the printing world, is the name given to supportive documents that can range from simple brochures to magazines to instructional booklets, to one-sheet style leaflets, direct mail projects, Point-of-Purchase displays, specialty advertising like buttons, magnets, ball caps,... the list goes on. It covers a broad range of printing. And I have done them all! I have worked longest in this part of the industry.   There are times when all that is needed is a basic instruction sheet, which may not be the kind of project that requires the all-important Concept that I hold so dear. However, I treat each job with the same level of importance. A sheet with instructions still requires design know-how and sensitivity to the people who need to read the instructions.  Each job is bid according to the criteria I mention in  “Publishing.” If you have a budget in mind, then I can help you find ways to stay within that budget.
Exhibit — I've worked on exhibits and trade-shows for clients ranging from industrial manufacturers to churches. A great many factors go into working on your exhibit starting with duration of use and location.  Outside of design costs, Exhibit equipment is startlingly expensive. Even the cost of a simple table-top display can take your breath away.   Having said that, I've worked with a variety of exhibit manufacturers and can help you pick out one best suited for your needs. I often recommend that you have a budget in mind and know how long you want the exhibit to last and where it will be used most often. That is going to drive what determines the end use and will often serve as the jumping off point for the design.
Video — Of all the communication tools, video seems to be evolving fastest in the design world. Video used to mean one thing only,... a VHS tape. But the use of video has evolved with media changes and the ability to compact and stream video online.  Video intended to be shown to groups on a monitor or projection screen can require a lot of assets such as camera operators, sound technicians, script writing, sound stages, editing suites, a director, actors, lighting operators, and more. Nashville has a great selection of production companies and I know several that I would enlist to pull off a large scale job.  But that is only one aspect of video. Many times video is surprisingly affordable and just as professional looking as high budget operations. A product demonstration edited for web usage can easily cost less than a mass produced brochure. I will be happy to discuss your ideas on the matter and help you determine what will work best for your needs!
Flash — Flash slideshows, animations and videos are an excellent way to communicate a message, whether it be instructional, entertaining or reinforcing a concept.  Flash gives the designer more control over the concept than many other web tools. Additionally, Flash presentations can incorporate action scripts to allow the user to interact with the web site and not just be entertained by the presentation.   I've used Flash for everthing from reinforcing indentities to hammering home a message about product benefits. I've even created videos with the use of Flash.  In the course of working on your project, I will discuss Flash tools with you to help you determine if it is a good fit for your needs.
Web — If you are reading this now then you are already aware of how the web can serve as a resource for information. You are probably aware of how the Internet, as a whole, has changed our world by providing access to shopping, gaming, communicating, publishing, and tasking with forms and applications that do everything from tax preparation to finding directions to your friend's house.  A web presence for your company is very nearly a given; you have to have it. It can be something simple like a Facebook page. But often you need more. And that is where a website comes into play.  Web design is only one aspect of what BaaHaus can provide. I can work with you on all aspects of your web presence. For the beginning user who needs help buying a web address, to clients needing the full package of site design, maintenance, search engine registration, directory listings, user interface (UI), user experience (UX), search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), content management systems (CMS), and more.
Advertising — Advertising options have changed over the years, but the basic principles of advertising have not. Whether you are going to run a full page ad in a trade publication or if you want a banner ad on a web site, the format you are using still requires answers to the same set of questions: Who are you talking to, what do you want them to hear, what do you want them to do as a result of hearing your message?  My main strength is strategy, and good advertising is driven by good strategy.
Workshops — I teach graphic design periodically at local colleges here in Nashville. I find teaching very rewarding and have started leading workshops as a result. Workshops I have lead include working with desktop publishing, building your own web site, and basics of the internet.  I have also given custom presentations for some organizations. On those occasions, I meet with the organization leaders to determine the topic and level of understanding in the audience on that topic. Sometimes I create training manuals and sometimes I make simple slide-show style presentations. These workshops have been one-time, half day events, and a few were ongoing monthly meetings on software usage.  If your business, organization, or group would like a workshop leader on a communications issue or popular design software, contact me and we will determine if I am a good fit for your needs!
Other — The communications industry is very broad and I may have not listed some aspects of the field that you want to know about. There is an excellent chance that I know of a resource for you and that advice is free. Animators, photographers, illustrators, copywriters, video production, filmmakers, printers, specialty advertising manufacturers, and even other designers... if you want some advice or an endorsement don't hesitate to ask!